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Kith x Off-White October 12, 2017

Alright guys Kith Off-White has some fire pieces for this drop – retails higher than we recommend for resale, but wouldn’t blame anyone for rocking these. Retails will reflect Off-White’s pricing structure so get ready to spend if going for items from this drop. Retails are not known at the... read more →
Oct 06
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Sep 29

Hades for the Kith Nike drop

Another quick blog post for you guys using Hades for the Kith Nike drop tomorrow. So remember, with Hades you can use multiple sets of keywords. Spaces between each keyword in the set and each set of keywords on a separate line if using multiple sets. So let’s use the... read more →
Sep 27

EVE Robotics Blog

What a time we have had here at EVE over the past few weeks. This is our first blog entry and the goal will be to post a new one each week to keep our customers and potential customers aware of our success, failures, and future plans for the company.... read more →